Sunday, May 6, 2012

Holy Communion Cards and Potato Casserole

Hi, guys!  Hope you are having a great weekend.  I mentioned the other day that this weekend we would be celebrating my niece's First Holy Communion.  I thought I would share the card I made for her.

Stamps: Catholic Rubber Stamps

I made a few other cards for family and friends to give as well.

Stamps: Delta, Paper Angel

My sister made these adorable nugget favors.  She uses computer software to make these.  Everyone loved them.

When we have family functions I am asked to make potato casserole.  It is a great recipe.  If you travel the highways of the U.S. you probably have come across Cracker Barrel restaurants.  The recipe I use is one similar to the one that they make.  My young nephew emailed me to remind me to bring one to the Communion lunch. 

It is delicious and I recommend you give it a try sometime if you need to take a dish to someone.  I had to leave the party with my mom and a friend to attend my husband's show.  My sister was supposed to save some for us for when we returned and we came back to an empty dish!  I think that speaks well for this recipe.

Have a great night!   I will be back tomorrow with the final Mother's Day cards I made.


Susan said...

Love the card! It's so nice to give handmade gifts, I hope it was appreciated. My oldest niece had her first communion this weekend as well. I knit her veil for the occasion.

Thanks for the recipe too. I love Cracker Barrel Hashbrown casserole!

Marcy said...

Winnie, Loving all your 1st communion cards. I was able to find the boy stamp so hopefully that will come in soon because I need to make my son's card by this weekend! Yikes! :) Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Marcy

Leah's Crafty Life said...

That dish looks amazing!! I must try that soon, thanks for the link. :) Your communion cards look so fresh and beautiful!

toni said...

Hi winnie thankyou for the nice comment you left about my tag. You've made a lovely series of cards for your niece . I was fascinated by your potato casserole we don't have the Cracker Barrel chain here in the Uk I shall Certainly give the recipe a try as i think we can get frozen hash browns in the supermarket ,I'm not sure what Colby cheese is though I'll have to do a bit of research . Have fun toni x

Unknown said...

These are fabulous 1st Holy Communion cards - the stamps sets are so limited for this occasion. You really did an amazing job and I'm sure everyone will be so pleased with them.

CheckerBeads said...

very cute cards! Love your color choices. :)


Kelly Griglione said...

Wow, sounds like you've been very busy! Great job with all your cards.

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