Monday, April 15, 2013

200th Anniversary Pride & Prejudice /Happy Sweet 16 Elvis Party!

Hi, guys! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I sure did!  I am very lucky that I have a great set of friends.  You may recall I mention my Jane Austen group - "JAPSNA" - from time to time.  They are a fabulous group of ladies who love all things Jane.  Saturday evening we got together to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Pride & Prejudice and the Sweet 16 of Elvis, our friend Monika's cat.  Yes, we roll like that!  Monika is a great decorator and had lots of fun Jane items out.  The white picture frame was actually from my wedding, as it was the table number on my JAPSNA table!

I made a card using the invitation to give to Monika to celebrate Elvis.  I just loved the invitation with the cat dressed like Mr. Darcy! I had to  use it!

I decided to emboss the card to mimic the wallpaper background on the picture.  I colored white silk flowers using Distress Stains (Victorian Velvet, Bronze).  The center of the flower is a pin I had on hand from a previous JAPSNA gathering.  

The party was a pot luck (my favorite type of party!) and my contribution was the Pioneer Woman's Spicy Pulled Pork!

My friend Mariola made Creme Brûlée with the assistance of Monika doing the Brûlée!

Elvis' Napoleon Cake!

Elvis' party favors!

Elvis is one lucky cat!

It was such a fun evening, spent with wonderful friends, great food and plenty of love and laughter!

I consider myself blessed to have friends who have been so wonderful and loving to me.  They were there after the loss of my husband to help me through the hard times with laughter, and were there to celebrate my remarriage and second chance of happiness, and they continue to show me their support and love daily.

My wish for each of you is a very special friend!  I hope that you will consider me one of your online friends over time!

Until next time!!


Lisa Nelson said...

I am in love with the card. You are so very talented!

The party looks great - and that pork looks even better! That is pork, no?

Chaitali Narla said...

Wow thats a super party! The card was so cute and funny :) Happy Birthday to Elvis! (Hope he reads your blog and sees this!) So nice to have such a wonderful group of friends!! Thanks for being my online friend! Love your every visit to my blog and your sweet comments!

Sankari W. said...

OMGosh! What a fun party!! Pride and Prejudice is one of my fave books and movie (the Colin Firth Mr. Darcy!!) and I love your sweet card! What a great theme - sounds like soooo much fun!!!

Thank you for your sweet comments!
Happy wishes for a great week!
Take care,
Sankari :)

Joyce said...

What a fun party you had. Your invitation is so cute--Mr. Darcy as a cat--I'll bet that has never been done before.

Bee said...

That sounds like such a great time! And what a unique get-together. Happy birthday to Elvis -- I love that invitation!

Xiomara | Equis Place said...

I consider you my online friend! I love the cat dressed as Elvis and how you turned the invitation into a card. That's a great way to recycle materials. It looks like you had a wonderful time with beautiful friends and delicious food. Happy Sweet 16 to Elvis.

Kelli Acopan said...

that sounds like such a fun party and such a great group of friends!!

Lynn Mercurio said...

What a great post. Loved all your photos from your "Jane" night. The invitation you created is so fun...what a great image...made me giggle to see that cat head all dressed in his "tails". LOL You're one creative lady, for sure.

Emkay said...

Looks like a wonderful night. The card you made is adorable, what a fun image!

Gibby Frogett said...

Great post, certainly looks a fun time was had by all. Such a fabulous card and cake too. Gill x

Kathy said...

Sounds like you all had an amazing time!


MiamiKel said...

OMGosh, what a party!! I sooo wish I could have been there, and more so, part of your Jane Austen as a group - oh bliss! Love all the little details - such a fantastic and inspiring novel, all these years later. Love the Mr. Darcy cat!! Woot, I'm smiling HUGE at this post!

Ann said...

I want that little Pride & Prejudice board book! How fun! Was Elvis able to have any of his cake? Love his card!

Marcy said...

That sounds like such a fun party and your card is super cute and so perfect for this! Love all the pics and that pulled pork looks yummy! :)

Anonymous said...

Elvis's Mom here :) Thank you for all the Birthday wishes! Elvis did not get to taste the cake but had a whole container of Chicken and Broccoli (minus the broccoli) instead. Winnie's card is absolutely gorgeous- she is so creative and talented! I already have one she made for my birthday which is now proudly displayed in a shadowbox and this one will join it:)

Cazzy said...

Your group sounds really fun, love the Elvis card and cake. I adore creme brulee!

Cazzy x

Tania Brzovic said...

Great photos!

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