Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Night, America, Bye-Bye and Buy Bonds!

Hi, guys! Hope all is well. This weekend was filled with lots of emotion for me.  This Saturday was the last time my husband and Cranston & Spade Theatre Company performed at Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers.  Partners & Crime will be closing on September 20th. It is so sad to see another independent bookstore go out of business. The company has been performing there for sixteen years and had a great run there.  The company does recreations of old-time radio shows. They are currently looking for a new venue and I know they will be in operation again soon.

For me, sentimental emotions took over on Saturday watching the final performance there.  I first went to see Alan perform there in December 2008. He invited me to see him in A Christmas Carol as he knew it was a favorite of mine.  He was playing the role of Scrooge.  This is significant to me as it was the beginning of me going out again socially after the loss of my husband Charlie.  After seeing the performance and quite a few more, we started dating and were married in 2010.  The members of the theatre company have come to mean a lot to me as well.  So, seeing this chapter come to a close was rather sad.  There was a happy moment during the performance, though. They had an audience member propose marriage! I love that there was a new beginning starting that night!   So I hope they will be as happy as my husband and I are.

Cranston & Spade Theatre Company

I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this great group of performers and, more importantly, great people!

Until next time!


Jenn and Casey said...

So sad that the bookstore is closing. I fear that the end of bookstores (independent ones) is near in this digital age. Great picture!!

Kathy said...

It is sad that the bookstore is closing. I love bookstores. How cool that must have been to watch their productions and how special to be apart of the marriage proposal!! Cool!


Journey of Life said...

Sorry to hear that, Winnie!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture you posted. Going to miss the bookstore.


PrJoolie said...

Great story. I am sorry about the bookstore, but enjoyed your expression of love for the place and your friends.

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