Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012 Tim Holtz Tag - Remembrance

Hi, guys!  Hope you had a great weekend - I did.  Started it off with a great ladies night out to celebrate my friend Asia's birthday.  Nothing better than spending a night out with great friends to start the weekend off on a fun note.  Today my husband and I spent some time in IKEA again to pick up more stuff for my stamp room.  I think they will know us by sight soon at this rate!

Tonight I took some time to complete my two tags for the Tim Holtz Tags of 2012.  These are done monthly and, of course, it is the last day of the month and I was under the wire by 40 minutes! Tim taught us how to tint photos to give them a vintage look.   I was not sure what photo I wanted to use, so I decided to do two tags.  I started by using an old childhood photo of my late husband Charlie.  I thought it was an adorable picture that captured his personality.  I used distress inks to tint the photo.  I only colored his coat (Fired Brick) and bow tie (Salty Ocean).  I used Antique Linen to age the photo and Vintage Photo along the edge.   While doing this tag, I decided to incorporate his love of bicycle riding by using tissue tape.  For the embellishment, I went with the metal angel wings by Tim Holtz.   Charlie is now my guardian angel and I thought they would be a great touch.

For the next tag I decided to use a photo of my late mother-in-law Elsie on her wedding day.  I used distress inks to tint her bouquet and the same Antique Linen and Vintage Distress inks to age the photo. She was married in 1942, so I used the Tim Holtz Alphanumeric stickers for the year.  I stained a portion of a rose ribbon to make the flower and incorporated an old vintage stick pin as an embellishment.   I used the alphabet paper for this tag as Elsie was a teacher her entire life.  Even after she stopped teaching school, she continued to teach those around her every day.

I enjoyed making these tags.  I found them extra special to do since I made them in remembrance of two people who I was lucky enough to love and share my life with.

Hope you have a great day and find some time to do something you love.


Alison said...

These are both so beautiful Winnie, lovely to use personal photos, wonderful tributes to your loved ones
Alison x

Unknown said...

Hi Winnie thanks for visiting me and for your lovely comment. So glad you made it in time to post your tags. They are lovely and I agree with you whole heartedly this tag project was made more special because it was an opportunity to use photos that are special to us.

Valentina said...

Thanks for your visit!
your tags are grat. love the pink style background and your pictures are great!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I LOVE the family pictures you used for your tags. Not only does it make the tags more special, but they look great on that mauve background. Blessings!

Unknown said...

Your tags are exquisite! You really have a gift when you create things!


Emkay said...

These are wonderful. A beautiful way to remember your loved ones.

Marcy said...

Winnie! I love these!!! I love Tim Holtz and wish I could keep up with the tags like you did! Love this vintage look. Great job!!! :) Marcy

Esther Asbury said...

What a special way to remember two people dear to you! Your tags are lovely!

Journey of Life said...

I must say--very creative! And your mom is so beautiful and what a way to remember her!

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