Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coquito Celebration Tags

Hi guys! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!  For today I thought I would share with you some tags I made for my friends Coquito celebration.  What is  Coquito? you may ask.  Well, I, for one, was not sure when I was first asked to make tags for it.  My friend explained to me that it is a traditional Puerto Rican coconut milk-based cocktail.  It reminds me a bit of eggnog with a coconut flavor.  My friend will put the tags on all the bottles of Coquito for all the attendees, about 20 in total at her celebration.  I was lucky enough one year to get a bottle and boy, was it delicious.  She made her batch rather strong, so it had a kick to it.   This year, I plan to make a batch for my home.

The tags were double sided, and to make them durable I used a piece of red and a piece of white card stock that I adhered together. It gave it more stability.

This party sure sounds like it will be a great time and I hope they will like the tags.  I understand this year they will be having a bottle decorating contest as well.

I will share a recipe I was given for Coquito.  There are MANY versions of this drink.  I will be sharing one that does not require the raw egg yolks as some people can't have them.

2 cans evaporated milk
2 cans cream of coco
1 PINT of rum or whatever you prefer (some people use brandy) (adjust amount of rum for your preference as this is STRONG)
Vanilla to taste
cinnamon powder to taste
pinch of salt
cinnamon sticks 3-4  per bottle

In a large bowl blend milk, coco cream, vanilla and powdered cinnamon. After milk mixture is well blended, stir in rum.  Put cinnamon sticks in a bottle and pour in the Coquito.  It is preferable to keep bottle(s) refrigerated for 1-2 days before serving for a better taste.
*Important:  do not forget the pinch of salt!


Now, how can a party with good friends making a fun drink and even having a bit of crafting involved NOT be a fun time?



Larissa T. said...

Felicidades! Adorable tags and great to learn more about a different culture! :D

Marcy said...

Your tags are adorable! I love the images on them too! Are those stamps? I've never heard of a coquito celebration but the drink sure does sound delish! :)

Noel said...

Cute tages and a bonus recipe! Hooray!

Emkay said...

Cute tags!

Journey of Life said...

I see xmas spirit on the tag... red, green and I love the gold color.
Hopefully I will get to experience Coquito Celebration in person one of these days:-)

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

YUMMO!!! Thanks for the recipe! I think I have all of this! Love your tags too!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Mmmmmmm Wonderful tags and looks like quite a yummy recipe- thank you!!!

Loki-Lou said...

1 PINT of Rum?! I think I need to try this recipe out! (Though suspect I will end up off my face and shouting "where's the rum?!" in a Jack Sparrow manner).

Anonymous said...

Love all you do. Have a great holiday!!
You are an inspiration to us all!!


Anonymous said...

love the tags


Unknown said...

Awesome tags and thanks for the recipe!!! Sounds like a great one to make merry with!


Unknown said...

That sounds delish, and like a great gift! I've never tried it before, but might just have to... :)

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