Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Love for QVC, David Venable and Meatloaf

Hi, guys!  The holiday time almost always makes me the lucky recipient of a few things.  I can usually count on receiving teas, crafty items and cookbooks. These are some of my favorite things.  I am known to enjoy watching and shopping off QVC (home shopping via television).  The only in-store shopping I enjoy is grocery shopping and shopping for stamps and other crafty items (no surprise there, right?). One of my new cookbooks this year was written by David Venable of QVC.  I get a big kick out of watching him on Sunday as he is one host who likes to eat and is very enthusiastic. His happy dances just crack me up!  While flipping through the book I decided to make his meatloaf.  What made me happy about it was that it was tomato-free!  My hubby cannot have tomatoes and all my standard meatloaf recipes use them.

I really loved that he topped his meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes and made a brown onion gravy. My husband and I really enjoyed it, and have made it again since.

Here is the recipe from the QVC website:

My suggestion is to make sure you use low sodium beef stock.  I like to use sodium free or very low sodium ones and adjust later.  I used cheddar cheese to top the one in this picture and I preferred it!

This cookbook is a basic, comfort food one.  It is not a gourmet style one, but fun and easy.  I have so many new cookbooks this year and will share more of them with you as I cook from them. 

Just to be clear, I have no affliation with QVC, or David Venable.

Off to get my fingers INKY so I can share some new creations with you!

Until next time!


Joanne said...

When I first saw your header I thought Meatloaf the pop star - Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Two out of Three Ain't Bad - and all that. But I love dinner meat loaf too! In face I have a yummy recipe that uses ground turkey and lots of vegetables (no tomatoes). I think I'll make it for dinner tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

Marcy said...

Wow, that looks fantastic! I'm always looking for good recipes and will definitely check this out! I love watching cooking shows but have never seen his yet.

Tamara Tipton said...

Yum! I'm not a fan of cooking shows or QVC, but that looks good! Enjoy your cookbook! :)

Bee said...

Omg! That looks so yummy! I love how you cooked the mashed potatoes on top of the loaf. My husband got a cookbook for Christmas and has been making tons of new stuff from it, too.

Dee said...

Yummie! looks good Winnie!

Anonymous said...

Another dinner without me, boy my luck is not getting any better. At least I got to see a picture. Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe one day I will get to try. :)


Kathy said...

That looks really good!


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