Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some Fun News and a New York Discovery

Hi, guys! I received some great news the other day.  I won a Rice Cooker/Steamer from a giveaway of a fellow blogger!  I have never won anything before, so this was big news to me, especially since I love to cook!  If you want to read a fun blog, I highly recommend you visit Molly Jo at:    I am not sure if you know the great blogging community of BlogHer, if not, give it a visit.  I found Franklymydearmojo by visiting there and reading the great posts of various women bloggers.  I have been enjoying Molly Jo's posts ever since.

I thought I would share something I just discovered.  I am a native New Yorker and while attending the BlogHer conference at the Hilton, I came across this street sign.

What? There is a 6 1/2 Avenue in Manhattan?  I have only worked in the city since 1988 and NEVER noticed this tiny sign before.  I was struck dumb, and have been asking New Yorker after New Yorker if they knew this even existed.  Not one did so far.   Oh, how the city never ceases to amaze me!

Have a great day!  Hope you make some fun new discoveries today!


Monika G said...

I'm sure Harry Potter inspired the 6 1/2 ave. :)

Lynn Mercurio said...

Congratulations on your rice cooker win. We love our cooker and it makes perfect rice every time. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

congrats on winning the rice cooker! i've won three or four times on food and writing blogs ~ it's so fun when the box arrives!

hope you have a great week, winnie!


B.R. said...

Hey Winnie,
Congratulations on winning the rice steamer. I won a Billy Ocean cassette tape years ago from a radio station after a bicycle climb to the top of Paris Mountain - not really a mountain, but a hill in Greenville, S.C.!

Thanks for this post about 6 1/2 Avenue. I think Monika G was onto something when she mentioned Harry Potter. See this article:
New Avenue for NYC. And here is another more recent one: A Stopping Mall. No wonder you've never seen it before!


Joanne said...

Congratulations! I received a bamboo steamer for a wedding present, never used it and then finally gave it away. Now I kind of wish I had kept it but this looks much sturdier. Please tell us how you like it!

Molly Jo said...

Thanks so much for the referral, Winnie. And I'm so glad to be mentioned in the same post that refers to NYC. =) Someday I'll get there. Happy Rice Cooking!

Ann said...

Congrats! Enjoy Molly Jo's writing too!!!

The street 16 1/2, I LOVE stuff like that, neat!

Recovering Supermom said...

Yay for you winning the rice cooker!

And I love that street sign. I'll have to show it to my daughter who is six and a half. She'll feel like it's for her. :)

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