Friday, August 8, 2014

Why Aren't Winnie's Fingers Inky Lately?

I mentioned a while back that I haven't been creating a lot of cards lately due to the summer and spending time with family and friends.  One thing that I have been working on lately is my health.  I decided to get in shape and lose some weight.  So on June 9th, I started my new way of eating and dug out my old exercise videos (yep, they are VHS!).  One of the keys to my success has been really focusing on me, and spending time doing the WORK!  Well, it is nearly 2 months, and I have lost 19 pounds so far!  I am very happy, and, more importantly, I feel so much better.

I have been doing a lot of cooking and freezing to make my meals easier to deal with after work. Saturdays have been spent breaking out 2 crockpots and dutch ovens and cooking up a storm.  This has freed up exercise time for me which I desperately need.

Many of you know I love stamping, card making and tea.  What you may not know about me is that I love cooking, and spices and herbs.  I am happy in a stamp store, and just as happy walking through my favorite spice shop Penzey's.   Having a nice supply of spices and herbs on hand makes cooking a breeze.  I thought I would share pictures of my fun spice shelves that my late first husband Charlie, and Alan, have made for me.

This is only some of my stash; you will notice lots of small jars and larger ones of those I use often.  I have no affiliation at all with Penzey's, but love their products and their company values.

Hoping to get my fingers inky on a regular basis soon.  Summer is flying by and I sure miss it!

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Geri Neumann said...

Oh my gosh, Winnie! That is fabulous news!!!! I'm jealous, as I too, could drop some weight. That is sooooo awesome. Quite the spice pantry you have there. And your bags of food ready for the freezer look yummy! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful news, and congrats and keep up the good work! Hugs, Geri N

MiamiKel said...

Good for you! I'm always in awe of those who embrace a healthier lifestyle :) Keep up the good work!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Oh my, you go girl! I've been trying to lose weight and am getting nowhere. I like to bake more than cook but hubby helps eat the bounty. I haven't done much for making cards this summer, only as I need them.
Congrats on the weight loss.

Margaret said...

Good for you! I would like to have more time working out, but I have been watching what I eat and have lost 15 pounds so far. Still trying for 10 more. I usually cook on the weekend also to have lunches for the week. Last week I went through my spice cabinet and tossed so many that were old and out of date. Got some fresh new ones.

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