Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Jane Austen Style (and Hubby Style)

Hi, guys!  Today my hubby and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary.  Both my husband and I decided to take off work and enjoy time together.  To start the day, we gave each other cards we made for each other.  I am very touched that he takes the time to make me a card for the holidays since he knows how much I love them.  The card I made for him used the Papertrey Ink Jane Austen stamp set.  I figured what better love story is there than that of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. The sentiment inside I used was "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you" from the same stamp set.  I wanted to try a shabby chic look for the card after taking the Jennifer McGuire Kick Start online class where one was demonstrated.

Now I will share the card he made for me.  I think it is awesome and told him he is a card maker at heart but just doesn't know it yet.  He is very witty and fun, and decided to incorporate the date of our marriage in the card by using the clock.  We were married 10-2-10.  He then put a second hand with a small arrow pointing to it to signify the "second" wedding anniversary.  If that doesn't say thought and planning, I don't know what does.

He didn't need to use any stamping in this card, and even incorporated our invitation into it.  He loves the look of the torn papers that I do, but I still can't convince him it is OK to rip pages out of old books, so he photocopies the words out of the old dictionary and then tears it.  The book lover in him can't help but cringe inwardly when I rip apart stuff.  It is so funny.

Off to celebrate and enjoy the day!  Hope your day is filled with fun and lots of love too!


Beckey said...

Wow! I'm impressed! :0)
Happy 2nd Anniversary to both of you!

Emkay said...

Happy anniversary!

Your card for your husband is gorgeous! I love the vintage look of it. And his card for you is really cute, the clock is such a clever idea.

Rachael said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the card you made-very pretty-and I am SO impressed with the card your husband made! Handmade cards are just incredible to begin with, but especially when they come from men! I know that that is sexist and stereotypical but it's the truth lol!

I hope you guys enjoy your day off together!

Ginger LaRue said...

Happy Anniversary! I've been enjoying looking at your work in the gallery...you have some lovely things! As a result, I'd like to give you the "Tell Me About Yourself" award--you can read the details about it here: http://www.gingerdoodles.com/2012/10/blog-awards-for.html.

Larissa T. said...

Wow! I too am impressed! :D

Happy Anniversary, wishing you many blessings and much joy!

Nadia said...

Happy anniversary! Enjoy your day!

a.eye said...

Congrats on your anniversary and on both being excellent card-makers!

my heart's love songs said...


{i'm afraid i feel as your husband does about tearing pages out of books ~ even badly written ones (smile)}


Journey of Life said...

That is so romantic, Winnie! I love your card and I love the card that your husband made for you even more :-) Your card is perfect and charming and his card is probably the only one he would make for the entire year --that made it precious!
Happy anniversary, Winnie!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful both cards are great I love them. Happy Belated Anniversary


Lynn Mercurio said...

WOW...to have your husband make you such a sweet card is AMAZING. I always make cards for my husband, but he is a "Hallmark" kind of guy when it comes to cards for me.

The card you made for your anniversary is so lovely and romantic. I bet he was so impressed to receive such a gift from the heart.

Happy belated anniversary.

p.s. Thank you so much, Winnie, for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I'm thrilled and honored to call you my on-line friend!

Anonymous said...

i love it!!! :):):):):):):):):);):):):):):):):):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Donna Gibson said...

Hi Winnie, this is sooo sweet! I love that your husband also makes cards for you. He must be a very special guy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words!

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