Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Mermaids' Tale and Tea

Hi, guys! My husband and I got to take my niece Amanda to see her first play the other day.  It is called "A Mermaids' Tale" and is being performed at The Triad NYC.  Our friend Heather Edwards is the musical director of the show.  It was fabulous!  Amanda was thrilled to be up front and even got on stage with a mermaid. What a great introduction to the theatre!  If you are in NYC and want to spend a fun afternoon, I suggest you stop in and see it.  The Triad is at 158 West 72nd Street.  Be prepared to laugh and smile as the cast is amazing.  The mermaids even posed afterwards with the children. Here is a picture of Amanda with the lovely mermaids.

My niece and I have been going to tea since she was 2.  She is now 8 and a regular tea shop fan.  We took in Alice's Tea Cup for brunch before the show.  Amanda and I normally go to another location, but the one we went to was only a stone's throw away from the show, so we knew we had to eat there. My hubby wasn't complaining as he LOVES their food, especially their veggie sandwiches.  Here is a picture of him diving right in.

Here is a picture of my brunch of eggs benedict over scones with chicken hash.  It is not to be believed!

The food here is amazing, and how they treat the children is a major plus. From the fairy dust sprinkled in the hair to the fun children's menu, not to mention the amazing Alice in Wonderland motif of the place.   Spending time here with Amanda is one of my favorite treats.

If you love tea, great food, or even Alice in Wonderland, I would highly recommend you visit and experience some of its magic! These are all my personal opinions and I have no connection whatsoever to the restaurant, other than I wish I could eat there more often!

Hope you have a fun filled day!


Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time. Uncle Alan looked funny digging into his veggie sandwich. I can't wait to go to my next play and tea party. Thanks, amanda

Nerthus said...

Sounds like a great time. Can't wait until my Brooklyn Grandbabies are old enough for them to accompany me on adventures like this!

Journey of Life said...

Your husband looks like he really enjoyed the food. And you look great with your niece --she is so cute!

Calista @ A House and Yard said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. I am going next week to see Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" with some friends and my kids. It promises to be a fun. I checked out your gallery and some posts; the cards are amazing! So beautiful! You are talented. Thank you for visiting me today at A House and Yard. :-)

my heart's love songs said...

some of my and my daughter's favorite times when she was growing up were going out "to tea" and she carries on the tradition with my granddaughter! have a wonderful weekend, Winnie!


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