Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome to Tea Time Tuesday!

I am known for my love of card making and very inky fingers.  Some of you may know that one of my other great "loves" is tea.  I collect teapots, tea cups and different tea accessories.  My collection is varied and pieces range from the elegant to the downright whimsical.  My stamp room also houses many stamps that are tea-themed - two drawers full, to be exact!  Today I am sharing a card I made for a dear friend who is part of the Jane Austen group I belong to.  A lot of tea drinking happens with these ladies.

Stamps: Unity Stamps
Ink: Versamark, Tattered Rose Distress Ink
Paper: Desert Storm, Gina K Designs
Misc.: Tattered Rose Distress Embossing Powder, Ribbon, Novel Tea Tag 

My friend Asia gave me a box of tea one year for my birthday from a company called Novel Teas. Each of the tags has a great quote relating to literature and tea.  I loved them so much that I pulled all the strings off before using and kept them to use in my crafting.  I thought this quote by C.S. Lewis would be perfect for Amy, who is an avid reader.

How about I share a picture of a teapot and tea cup with you today?  What I like about this one is the lovely shape it has.  The tea cup is Wedgwood (St. Moritz).

Did you know that tea actually tastes better when drunk from a china cup as the rim is thinner than, say, a mug?  It allows the tea to enter your mouth at the right angle to best appreciate the flavor.

I am hoping to share more of my tea collection on Tuesdays, as well as more tea-themed cards.  Do you drink tea?  I would love to hear back from you!


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I LOVE the elegant and very romantic feeling of the teacup card card you made for your friend. The addition of a real teabag tag was brilliant, especially since it has a quote from the British and premier writer, C.S. Lewis. Your tea pot and cup are exquisite, and look forward to seeing more of your collection. I am more of a coffee drinker and even roast my beans sometimes. However, I do appreciate a good cup of tea with friends. Blessings, my friend!

Raige Creations said...

Awesome tea tag on that beautiful card!
I love quotes, and to have one with a cup of tea - brilliant!

Elizabeth said...

Love that card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

food chick said...

The tea has a lovely shape! Thank you so much for sharing and the info about tea cups.

Recently I was at Pearl Fine teas in Union Market, DC and saw beautiful glass tea pots sitting in a wooden base with candle warmers beneath them. They were works of art. I wanted to buy one but the pots were not for sale. Pearl uses them for daily tea samples.

Joanne said...

Beautiful tea pot fellow tea drinker! My daily cups of tea are not so elegant but I pretty much drink tea all day from a cup of something strong and black in the AM to a final cup of something herbal before bed. Thanks for sharing.

MiamiKel said...

Hello fellow tea drinker! My mum is from England, born and raised - you can imagine our "schooling" :) Though my daily life NEEDS coffee, hee hee, I do love my tea!

Now your card! Can we say soft, elegant, beautiful, flowing - has that Victorian feel! It's quite lovely, as is your tea sets :) <3

Geri Neumann said...

Lovely! What a beautiful card and tea pot too. Such a neat idea to keep and use the tags with great quotes.

LissaJ said...

I also love tea and drink gallons of it - hot in the morning and evening, cold during the day. Years ago I lucked into purchasing a 'Brown Betty' at a shop in our town that specialized in British goods. Apparently they are made with a special type of clay that is very good for making tea? I didn't even know what it was until the dog broke the lid and I started trying to replace it. Some web surfing later and a lucky find on eBay got me a replacement, thank goodness. I take better care of it now - no more leaving it near the edge of the kitchen counter!

Anonymous said...

I collect teapots, too! And tea kettles, tea cups, tea balls, etc., etc. I just splurged and bought "beaker glass" tea kettle, teapot, two cups and saucers and two mugs. Oh, the thrill they give me! Works of art!

I love that you use the tags with quotes in your crafting. Love your card, teapot and lovely teacup and saucer!

Wish I could send you some sunshine and warmth from Arizona!

Kristie W. said...

Saving the tea tags was a great idea. Clever embellishment to add to a tea cup stamp. Very pretty card!

kel Acopan said...

such a connoisseur!! haha! i love my teas but love my big 'ole mugs that i can hold the handle with my whole hand! beautiful card too!

lovies, =o) kel

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

What a beautiful soft-colored card. Love it!

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