Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Day In The Garden With Hubby

Hi, guys! Hope all is well!  This weekend I was able to start planting!  Instead of my usual inky fingers, I had very muddy fingers by day's end!  I have been champing at the bit to do so, but we have had lots of frost lately.  We decided to plant tomatoes (10), bell peppers (5), and tons of herbs.  We did them in pots as it works best for us with our limited time to work in the garden.  I do have a great herb garden in ground, but those are perennials (chives, oregano, and lemon balm).  I really wish I never planted the oregano there because it sure spreads! The rest of the herbs are in planters.   I thought I would share some pictures taken today, and later on in the season I will share the hits and the misses!

Here is the established herb garden that is in ground.  This is my favorite time of year as the chives have their purple flowers on them!

The front flower beds are starting to bloom finally!  Love the azaleas! (Excuse the open garage door, we were actively working as I was snapping away!)

My late first hubby loved jumbo white irises.  They are now in bloom!

I love garden art!  We found Irwin at a local craft fair.  He just cracks me up, and when the wind blows he rocks back and forth!

Last but not least, let me introduce you to our "Metro-Gnome" Mookie!   I picked him up at Citifield after a Mets game a few years ago.  Isn't he cute?

Hope you enjoyed meandering through the garden with me.  It was fun sharing it with you.  I will have inky fingers again really soon!

Do you garden?  Or do you appreciate the great outdoors in other ways?  I would love to hear!

Have a great day!


kel Acopan said...

winnie i'm so jealous of your garden!! i absolutely love gardening... now that the last kid birthday party of the year is over (*phew!*) we can work on fencing in our garden better so the puppies can't get in and uproot all my veggies!!

Audrey said...

I love fun garden sculptures too. Unfortunately my 5 year old likes to play with them, and destroy them. Sigh!

Just curious, do you ever used pressed flowers in your cards?

lanivcox said...

Hello from Thailand! I've been getting into my little garden as well, even though I live in a condo! It's addicting :) esp since I'm adding little guppies to my water plants!

dishy said...

Hi Win!!!! Everything looks gorgeous! Are those my day lillies in the background?? :)

BTW - don't worry about your excess Oregano! Bring it in! I'm addicted! Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Love it. I like to pretend to garden (I call it playing in the dirt) but my husband is the one who really keeps the plants alive! My attention span is too short to keep them watered! ;)

Unknown said...

You have a beautiful garden! I'll take tips from you soon when we move to our new house. We'll have a yard to decorate then :)

Dawn's Stamping Garden said...

Winnie -- I'm hopping here at your blog after you posted a comment, and it appears we have VERY similar interests! Did you see my new container garden posts? It's my first time using containers. MANY, many years ago we rented a place and had a HUGE in-ground garden, and I have just missed it so much. I will also be posting how the garden goes this year, in addition to sharing my inky fun projects! Hope you have great weather to enjoy your gardening this weekend! We are having thunder & rain right now -- on Memorial Day weekend -- yuck! [but I won't feel bad for making cards...hee-hee.

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