Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry (and Stamp) On

Hi, guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the week so far.  I thought I would share a few purchases I made this weekend.  For those of you who may not know, I have a collection of teapots (and cups) as well as my trusty rubber stamps.  Well, this weekend I was out and about in Manhattan to see my husband perform in a play (his company does re-creations of old-time radio mysteries) and before the show I took in some shopping and browsing.

I was so tickled to see the stamp at The Ink Pad, and then a few blocks away I found the teapot.  How fun is that?

Now I will have to use the stamp to create something while using my new teapot.

It was a great evening of fun with friends, a great show and new treasures.

Have a great day, and I hope you find a moment in your day to do something you love!


Unknown said...

That is so funny and cute!! Lovely combination!

Anonymous said...

Love you Win! That is awesome. I miss you. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love you Win! That is adorable. Love the tea pot. I miss you!

Creative Reflections said...

Awesome project! I never thought of stamping on pottery. Thanks for the idea!

Jen said...

THE perfect stamp, if ever there was. Love the teapot too (always love a good teapot!)

Raven said...

What a great find!

Anonymous said...

The 80th birthday card was made for me to present to my former boss, who is such a wonderful person and Winnie from Winnie's Inky Fingers captivated my feeling with the beautiful words inscribed on the card. Of course, my boss and his wife loved the card and the inspiring words. Winnie, "thank you". All I did was asked you to make the card and the rest was history. Good luck in your new endeavor. I know one day I will be saying -- I know her' she used to make cards for me. Ivonne

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