Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WOYWW #229 - Fountain Pens

Hi guys!  Hope all is well!  Today is Wednesday, so I am sharing what is on my work desk with you.  Thank you to Julia for all this weekly desk-hopping fun!

The desk isn't filled with projects today.  Instead, I just opened a package I received in the mail.  I have been really wanting to treat myself to a fountain pen.  I have never used one and spent a few weeks looking at them and decided to use a couple of my birthday gift cards to purchase a couple.  I didn't want an expensive pen, and after reading about Lamy Safari fountain pens decided to give them a try. These were about $25 apiece.

When I saw these pink and white ones I knew they were for me.  Just by seeing my blog you will see that I am a pink kind of gal!   After cracking these open, I fell in love with them.  Now if only my handwriting will improve!

The other side of my desk has a bunch of Halloween papers on it.  I will be cranking out some serious Halloween cards this week.  Halloween papers are just so fun with all the wonderful colors and patterns.

Thanks for visiting today!  I look forward to popping in and seeing what you are working on!  If you haven't joined in the WOYWW fun, I recommend you give it a try.  Lots of great people sharing what they love!

Until next time!


jill said...

Some nice paper pads on your desk . i like Echo parks Halloween papers. Happy woyww jill #39

House of Bears said...

we love fountain pens, alas our paws press too hard to use them, also being left pawed means they never work quite as they should. We love your Halloween papers. thanks for visiting the bears today.

lisa said...

We used to have to write with fountain pen at shool many moons ago, it's as hame no one hardly uses them now, I love writing with them. Enjoy your new one.
Hugs Lisax #56

shazsilverwolf said...

Love those Halloween papers. Your fountain pens remind me of being at school. Fountains pens were the norm, biros strictly not allowed! I had a history teacher who used to say my writing looked like a spider had crawled out of the inkwell and across the page, lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #34 xx

glitterandglue said...

Thanks for visiting earlier, Winnie. I hope you managed to go to the pergamano page to see the WHOLE calendar, not simply the photo on the blog page. Gorgeous pens. I always used to be told that a fountain pen was far better for the handwriting than a biro - so take heart!! - bound to work for you!
Have a great week.
Margaret #64

Unknown said...

Oooh I haven't used a fountain pen for years! Love the look of those halloween papers. Thanks for dropping by my desk. Happy WOYWW.
Karen no.58 xxx

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

Those pens are fab and love the papers. Peg R 103

fairy thoughts said...

hi winnie
I have always love fountain pens too, they make you write slower so it should be neater.... and don't let anyone else use it, they sort of shape to how you write. I must find mine out again Mmm,
have fun with them... I bet the pink one becomes your favourite
janet #41

fairy thoughts said...

its not really a purple toblerone box... just the shape, it came with the glasses, but I'm glad it brought back happy memories for you ;-)

VonnyK said...

I love the look of those pens. I used a fountain pen at school many years ago, they were the type that you put into the ink and draw it up. I had long plaits and the rotten boys used to dip the ends in the ink. When we came to Australia we had to use pencils, so I never got to use them again. I bet you'll have great fun with them and the pink is my favourite too.
Have a great week,
Von #63

Heathers Inspiration said...

Ooh I Love your new pen, I love ink pens too and its just perfect in pink :)
Have a Beautiful week - Heather #82 WOYWW

Krisha said...

OMGosh! I haven't used a fountain pen in years. WE always thought it was so cool to use peacock blue ink in them. These must be a very good pen for that price, and shouldn't leave ink on your fingers.
Thanks for stopping by earlier, and yes home BBQ is always the best, will post more about it later.
Krisha #44

Marcy said...

Nice goodies there! I'm always looking for good pens too as I hate my handwriting. These look cool. I want that Halloween paper!!! Have a wonderful week! :)

Monique said...

Lovely pens. I love writing with fountain pens allthough I als like my trusty bic ballpoint =).
Happy late WOYWW
xx Monique #76

Kathleen said...

Cool find! I love pens and journals, though the words seem to flow better at my keyboard. Love the Halloween paper! Would love to see the cards you come up with! :-)

The Taming of the Glue said...

Fantastic Halloween papers, hope we get to see some finished projects. I've got very lazy about my handwriting so good for you, going back to fountain pens. The pink one is gorgeous! Happy belated WOYWW. Pam#38

Anonymous said...

I love fountain pens too, I have about four at last count, like anything, you can get some really expensive ones! I like Halloween papers too, the wilder the better!

Brenda 1

Cardarian said...

Hmm a fountain pen.....I remember getting my first one when I was about 9 ( 56 now!!!) At that time they were horrible - always had my fingers blue from the ink! They are much better now and I have a few with different inks, but blue is still my favourite! Enjoy using them!
Lots of hugs,

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