Saturday, February 23, 2013

Slumgunnion anyone?

Hi, guys! Hope all is well.  For some reason lately, I am sitting and reminiscing about childhood. The other day I was speaking with my sister on the phone recalling some of my mom's recipes that she would make. My sister was telling me that my brother called for a recipe for my mom's slumgunnion.  Now, I have NO idea where this name came from (already asked my mom and she said it was what her dad called it, etc.). After speaking with my sis, I decided to resurrect the recipe.  My mom would feed all 8 of us (6 kids and them) each night with great care and yummy food, but on a tight shoestring budget.  What I remember most about her menu planning was her careful shopping for groceries on sale and we would eat accordingly.  We did not have a say in the menu, we just ate what she cooked.  She liked to say she was NOT a short order cook!

The meal basically was elbows, beef, pork and beans, some onion and a can of tomato sauce.   I had to tweek it this time and use baked beans due to my hubby's allergy to tomato.  It came out yummy, but use a large can of Pork and Beans as it makes it sweet and just like I remember.

I now have a lot of this frozen in containers for late night dinners or lunches at work.  This recipe sure makes a LOT of food.


1 lbs chopped meat
1 large onion diced
1 large can of Pork and Beans (2 regular cans if you can't find the large one)
1 lb elbow macaroni, cooked
1 small can tomato sauce

Brown chopped meat (drain fat), toss in onion and cook until tender.  Add tomato sauce, beans and simmer until combined.  Toss in elbows and you are done.  Kid and adult friendly and VERY economical.

Thanks, mom, for teaching me to enjoy my time in the kitchen.  Shopping for sales and having a stocked pantry are things I learned from you and are valuable skills for me.

Do you have a fun childhood food memory?

Have a great day everyone!


Barb said...

Mmm...that sounds yummy! I'm bookmarking it in my recipes folder.

Xiomara | Equis Place said...

Sounds like a wonderful recipe to pass through the generations!

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